Thursday, November 20, 2008

this ones for you dad.

We hardly talk anymore. We rarely see each other. When we do see each other, were not talking. If we are talking, it lasts for about 20 minutes. Not always, but some of the time.
Although I will say when we do talk, its good.

We use to be so close. SO much alike. Do everything together. I remember when I wanted to be just like you.

I think that, as I've grown older, we've grown more apart..and its sad. It shouldnt be that way.
i miss, going to the movies, just us, allll the time.
i miss, reading each others mind while playing catch phrase.
i miss, playing handball on the garage door.
i miss, just goofing off.
i miss, our little jokes we had together.
i miss, helping you pick out clothes, because you didnt know if they matched.
i miss, texting each other while in the same room, to keep secrets from the other people.
i miss, speaking double one could understand us.
i miss, staying up until 2 in the morning laughing on a school night.
i miss, going to grandmas.
i miss, when it was just me and you.
i miss, wrestling with you.
i miss, when we would go get lunch, or dinner together.
i miss, you teaching me how to ride a bike.
i miss, you teaching me how to dive.
i miss, making fun of the dumbest things.
i miss, us being the only ones to get into the water at the beach.
i miss, going into random stores we've never heard of before, just because.
i miss, all the laughs we had.
i miss, you.

Daddy's little girl.
I wish I could say that's how it is, but thats how it used to be. I wish things were like the old times. I wish things were, how they're supposed to be..But they're not.

I love you dad.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

make it count.

A lady made a comment at my work the other day that really made me think...

She was having a conversation with Filomena (the checker), and she then told her she was going to be moving into a new house all day long..
As she is leaving Filomena says "Have fun today!" with some what of a chuckle.
The lady turns around and says, "I might as well, I have to do it"

Wow. I litterally sat there for a second and was just like, "huh, interesting"
I mean its so true, if you have to do something, why not make a good time out of it.
Why sit there and mope and complain if theres really nothing you can do?
Take working for example. Now of course you can always call in sick, but you can't do that everyday. You have to make money, and in order to make money, you have to go into work. And since you have to go into work, why not just make the best of it.

Well, i just thought it was an interesting little statement she said, and thought I would share...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what a guy.

The other day at work this man was in my line, there was a lady behind him with just a bouquet of roses. The man looked at her and said, "Are those roses for someone special?" She replied with a simple yes.
The man then offered to pay for them. She of course said no its alright you dont have to do that, but he insisted.

Just a random woman, and he paid for her flowers.
Just becuase.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just unbelievable.

It passed. Proposition 8 passed, no gay marriage.

What didnt pass is Propostition 4. And that just disgusts me.

Honestly, why would you not want to know if your child is having an abortion? It's sick.
I think most parents out there that voted no on this are parents that, aren't really involved with their kids, or, point blank they could really not even care what their kids are doing. They don't care that their kids are getting drunk every night, doing drugs, having sex.. getting an abortion.
It breaks my heart.
You need if not one but two parent signatures to get your ears pierced.
You can't get tylenol from the school nurse.
You need a signature to go on a field trip with your class.
But you dont need parent consent to get an abortion.
Getting your ears pierced wont kill you people, an abortion can.

They say for an abortion the baby or fetus is not yet a person, so its not killing anyone.
Yet, if a woman who were pregnant, even in the early stages of her pregnancy, were to get killed, that person would be charged for double murder. Double murder. meaning there were two people killed.
You can't have it both ways.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

driving experience number 2

I had my second behind the wheel yesterday.
I was a lot more relaxed this time. Not nervous.

This time my guys name was Phil. He was a bit more strict than Lou. But he wasnt too bad.
He talked about his girlfriend a lot. Most of it was complaining about her, or the things she likes.
He also had on oldies. I wonder if all the instructors put on that station?
We took a little detour and stopped by his office and I just sat there for like 10 minutes.
At the end of my session i was informed that he will be my instructor again for my last one, which is next tuesday. Another thing he informed me on: We will be going on the freeway.
excited. but nervous at the same time.
wish me luck, as well as my instructor.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Some things I realized today:
  • I am completely out of shape. A lot more out of shape than i thought i was.
  • I can't eat as much candy as I used to when I was a kid.
  • I get distracted entirely way to easily.
  • I'm quite the lazy one at times.