Friday, May 6, 2011

[great] changes.

Well, a huge huge huge [glorious] change will be going on in my life, starting in about a week!

*drum roll please*


I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those of you that know my job I have now (I work at Stater Bros.), you know that I'm constantly working nights, always work sundays (I've been there almost 3 years and still can't manage to give me a sunday off like I've requested), few hours recently, aand my store manager is pretty much a jerk. Honestly, it's not the worst thing ever, I shouldn't have been complaining because, hey, at least I have a job...But I am getting married in 3 and a half months, and, "ok honey I'll be home at 11 to make you dinner"...won't be cuttin' it for me.
Ever since I got engaged I've been praying by at least the time I'm married I'll have a new job where I don't have to work nights and not on sundays. This new job is literally a huge blessing from the Lord, and He pretty much slapped me in the face with this job and just handed it to me.
I have a Starbucks right next door to my work, and me being the addict that I am, go in consistently. All the employees know me by name. [don't judge me.] When I had my braces on, the manager knew my whole situation as far as my work paying for them through insurance so, I was pretty much stuck there. She had said 2 or 3 times, "When you get those braces off girl you can come work with us!" I would just always reply with "yess definitely!" not really taking her seriously.
Well last Tuesday I went in before class, and here is how our conversation went:

"Hey you got your braces off!!"
"Yessss I'm freee!"
"Now you can come work over here!"
"haha I know!"
"Ok well let me know when!"

She was completely serious.

So, the next day I went in and I talked to her, got some more information on what she was looking for and the job itself. She said she was looking for someone who can work 40 hours a week, and looking to moving up the ladder and being promoted. (ok, wow, perfect). I mentioned how I'm always working nights and when I get married, I honestly can't be working those shifts. She said that's not a problem at all because she would want me working during the day anyways because of my personality. (another awesome plus). She said every time I came in I was so bubbly and happy, and loved that. She said when I first start she WILL schedule me nights, only because I need to ease my way into things, and also know how to close, also if she started me off mornings I'd probably go home crying every day, haha. But in 3-4 weeks, I'll be working during the day. (amazing.) I asked if I started prior to August if I would be able to get at least 2 weeks off for my wedding and honeymoon, she said that wouldn't be a problem at all. (score). She wanted to do a formal interview on monday, so we pretty much ended things there.

Monday rolled around, and I went in [on my lunch for stater brothers ;) ] and not only did she ask me the typical interview questions, but she told me they're able to match what I'm making at Stater Bros. So I'll be making the same amount of money, plus tips, and no union fees like I have now. (oh and did I mention free drinks? shooot what more can an addict ask for?) Can you say praise the Lord? She told me she definitely wanted to hire me, and asked if I wanted time to think about it. I chuckled a little, and said no, that this is honestly just a huge answered prayer for me.

SO. I put my 2 weeks in with Staters, and man did it feel good. I've been there for almost 3 years, and I just can not wait to get out of there. It's going to be weird, because I've been there so long. I'm definitely going to miss my co-workers, they're the best. But good thing I'm just next door ;)

The Lord totally blessed me with this job, and I can't thank Him enough. I'm so excited to start working and see what else the Lord has for me :)