Saturday, February 28, 2009

boyfriends birthday bash.

Yesterday, February 27, my boyfriend turned 20 years old. For the past two weeks, if not longer, he has been so excited about his brithday.

Well, let me just start off by saying, it is extremely hard to surprise this young man. EXTREMELY hard. Long story short, he thought i was coming over to his house at 10:00 am, when in fact, i had planned on surprising him and coming over at 8:00 and cooking him breakfast. But it was so hard to keep this from him because he was very suspicious. But the night before i threw him off by sadly saying, "I don't mean to burst your bubble but im not necessarily doing anything for you, i just got you presents and am coming over to spend the day with you." I know, it sounds so mean. But, it worked out, because he was indeed sprsprised when I woke him up the next morning.

For breakfast I made his favorite:
French toast (with hawaiin Bread) and with boysenberry syrup.
Cinnamon rolls.
A bowl of cut up strawberries, bananas, and kiwi.
And some pineapple orange guava juice.
I must admit. It wasn't. too. bad.

After breakfast we made a pitstop to my house, because I got the pleasure of cleaning my bathroom.

Frankie and baby Aidan

My 15 year old brother, who is taller than me.

Later that night we went to Benihanas for dinner. Its a little tradish Frankie does every year. Now, not only was everyone excited to go to Benihanas for dinner, but I was a little extra excited, because I have never been there before.

The car ride there...

If you have ever been to Benihanas, you know that 8 people can fit around the table. Well we fit 10. It was a little crammed, but we did fine. It was really fun, it was really cool to watch our foodget cooked right in front of us. Not only that but to watch the cook (try) to do some tricks.

They're best friends

Frankie's grandma learning to use chopsticks.

Our cook! His name was Vee

Tryin to bust out some tricksss.

He carried all of that in one trip.

Too bad he dropped chopsticks..

The boys.

After dinner some of us went to disney so Frankie could get his Disney Fun Card, filled with $69 to spend on whatever he pleases at Disneyland.

Jordan, Elyse, Nick, and myself all crammed in the back seat on the way over there..

One of my favorite pictures of the night.

Frankie and his Disney Fun Card.

All in all the day was terrific. It was funfilled with a surprise breakfast, presents, dinner at Benihanas, a trip to Disneyland, and some good old birthday fun.

I love you baby.