Tuesday, May 20, 2014

that time when the livin's easy...

Summer is fast approaching (my favorite season), and I am so excited.
Even though if feels like summer was way better in high school, I still love it.
Summer days in high school consisted of-
sleeping in.
going to the beach all day.
hanging out until the wee hours of the morning with your friends, doing random shenanigans.
that was great. like really great.
but alas, this is real life. Most of us have jobs now. Some married, some have children..high school days are long gone.

This list, right here... :

-go to the beach a lot
-ride bikes
-play catch at the park (like baseball, duh)
-go to more baseball games
-drink slurpees
-have a picnic!
-make iced tea more often
-have at least one bonfire

...is a list of things I want to do more of this summer......but probably never will. (that's life)
Yet, I will still manage to at least make an effort. (there's probably so many more things to add to the list as well, but just cant think of it all)

Aside from the list,
We're going to Colorado again in July with the youth group for summer camp, and that is going to be a blast.
ALSO, in August we will be celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary...in MAUI!!!!!
oh man am I excited for that. I've never been to Hawaii, and have always wanted to go. May sound lame, but it seems like a dream come true for me. CAN'T WAIT for that trip!

A lot of people hate summer, because of the heat, and blah blah. Yeah, it tends to get a bit hot at times, and it can get pretty miserable, buuuut summer is still my favorite season. [ followed by fall ;) ]
call me crazy.

welp, until next time,