Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i shot the sheriff.

Yesterday was my first day of my summer speech class. It wasn't too bad to be honest, and didn't really feel like 4 hours. But I'm sure some days it will feel longer than 4 hours. The professor is really cool. He's married and has an 8 week old baby boy. And he speaks almost fluent german. Found out he went to Biola..pretty interesting. He reminds me of someone, perhaps a cartoon character, I just cant figure out who. This class is going to be a lot of work, some days we'll have TWO speeches due, just lovely. I'm just prayin I can get through it.

The other day a customer called me baby girl. I'm not your baby. and I'm not your girl. In fact, I don't even know you. So please, refrain from calling me, "baby girl". Thanks.

I think my sleeping disorder is back. A few years ago it would take me forever to fall asleep. I'm talkin like 2 hours, I would be laying in bed staring at the ceiling. Then, for about a year, a year and a half, when it was bed time, I was out. My time of agony went down to about 10 minutes. But recently, it strikes again, letting me not fall asleep till the wee hours of the morning. And it's really not good, especially when I have to get up early, leaving me with about 2 and a half 3 hours of sleep.

My little brother Aidan turned 1 on Sunday. He really is just the cutest little baby. We had a little party for him, and of course, AFTER everyone left (including me because I had to work), he dug into his cake, getting blue frosting everywhere. I saw pictures, and videos, it was adorable. I wish I could share them, but they have yet to be put on the computer. Ill post them later.

I've always known that I don't eat healthy, at least not as much as I should. This past week or so, I discovered I have absolutely no self control whatsoever. Really. I say I'm not gunna eat certain foods or things like that, but when it's staring me straight in the face? I mean come on. You cant do that to me. I love food too much.
I guess i'll realize I need to stop when I gain 120 pounds one day.

We got this new hand soap in our bathroom downstairs called Pomegranate Mango. Its amazing. Get it.

Every time I have a piece of gum, I nicely fold the paper back the way it was, looking as if there were a piece of gum in the wrapper. Every single time.

Every can I drink out of I make a dent where my thumb is. It's just by instinct, as soon as I open it up, I make the dent. I got if from my dad, and I have been known to pass it on to others. I have also been known to be made fun of for doing this. But it is a habit I have, and happen to like.
Don't judge me.

Im thinking about looking for a new job, maybe towards the end of summer. I was possibly thinking of waitressing, The problem with that is that I'm not sure if I would have to start out as a hostess. Anyway, it's just something I would look into. Lots of details I would need to know.

Every time I start to work out, I'll stay consistent with it for about a week, then lose motivation. This past week, perfect example. I was totally pumped every day to work out. Then Saturday came, and since then I've been "ehhh" towards it. It's bad.

I never went to Prom. Always wanted to. Seeing everyones prom pictures online makes me want to go back to high school, just to go to prom, and other dances.

The other day I found out a girl I work with has been with her boyfriend for 3 years. Then I found out they were each others first boyfriend/girlfriend. I love that.

Today, I discovered I'm starting to get addicted to

I want to know what all the hype is about Twitter. All I know is that you can "follow" someone? and you can update what your doing and what not. Dont you update what your doing on your facebook?

Last week I saw someone get hit by a car while riding their bike across the street.

I got a new bathing suit at Target yesterday, and I'm excited for it. Is that weird? That im excited I got a new bathing suit? I also got two tank tops:2 for $12. Can never pass up good deals. I get home and realize I had a Target gift card, and evidently forgot about it. Good thing I shop at Target often. Plus, it only had about $7 on it.

I talk to myself quiiite often. I talk to myself as if there's someone else there with me, but that someone else is another me. make sense?

Other breaking news: I have a Murder Mystery party to attend next Friday night, I am quite excited about it. That same day, I have a doctors appointment. I am NOT. excited for that.

Monday, May 11, 2009

a time when the livin's easy.

It's finally almost here.
One more week.
I'm so excited for summer this year. There's kind of a lot going on. But a lot of it is mostly towards the end..if only I didnt have work, things would be perfect. I'm actually taking a summer class: speech. Not necessarily looking forward to it, but my boyfriend talked me into taking it with him. So since 1. he will be in the class with me. 2. its only 6 weeks, compared to about 16. 3. I have to take it eventually anyway. and 4. it's 2 days a week, and gets out at 12, I think I'm gunna be ok.
So besides work and that one summer class, these are some things I'm looking forward to of summer '09:

-BEACH!! all the time.
-not having "school nights", for more than one reason.
-staying up late, and once my summer class is over, somewhat having a life.
-family vacation to mammoth, including my boyfriend.
-possibly helping out at a high school summer camp.
-a one year celebration<3
-bike rides.
-Disneyland a lot more often.
-Tuesday nights.
-sleeping in a lot more.

May not be a long list, but I just have a feeling this summer is going to be amazing. I am very much so looking forward to it. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

you know what happens when you assume..

I'm so sick of people assuming things. So many people do it. It's just such a nonchalant thing to everyone.

A lot of (worldly) people that party, assume that since THEY party, everybody parties. And if they don't party, they SHOULD party. Is it really worth it to go get wasted off your butt every weekend and not even remember what happened?

Or [this one cracks me up], the people that look at a couple, and assume they're having sex. "Well you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, I just assumed you were doing it."
Really? What ever happened to the old fashioned, wait till your married thing? In todays world, that doesnt exist to a lot of people. Now a days, it's uncommon to not be having sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Isn't that sad?

What has this world become?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a very eventful, and fun-filled day.

This past Saturday was a wonderful day. I hung out with my boyfriend, Blythe, and Jordan.
we went just about everywhere. Our initial plan was to go to Disneyland, but a little bit before we were about to leave we discovered we were blocked out. We were at my house thinking of what we can do, when the zoo came into play. San Diego Zoo--$35 to get in! Santa Ana--$7 much cheaper. Then Steve mentioned the Orange County Zoo, at the Irvine Regional Park, which we had no idea even existed---$2 to get in..perfect.
So, we made our way over to the zoo..

(I must warn you, there are a lot of pictures)

But first we had to stop off at Albertsons and money..

Jordan, intimidating the mountain lion.

She wanted to catch swine flu.

Along the way we found a place where we could feed goats and animals, and then right next to that was a petting zoo type place...

Two at one time, Blythe knows how to get it done.

This picture cracks. me. up.


The only photo of all four of us we got that day.

Some Animals

According to Jordan, this think looks like it has mold growing on its head.

Meet Nacho the Bear :)

Swine Fluuu

This picture makes me happy
We then proceeded with our journey and went to Taco bell at the Tustin Market Place for some grub. Now normally when I go to Taco Bell I get a burrito, taco, and nachos, you know the ones with the side of cheese. Ok now dont judge me for what im about to tell you..I put fire sauce in the cheese, and mix it around, then sometimes theres too many beans in my burrito, so I squeeze those out and scoop them on my nachos. Well while we were there, I found out that I can get nachos, with beans, cheese, and sauce on them already, for 10 cents cheaper than the plain nachos I regularly get. All three of them said that I should have gotten those, I wasnt time though..

"Purple Shirt"

After Taco Bell, we went across the way to Yogurtland for some desert..

Then, after yougurtland, we ventured over to Target, my favorite..

After target we went back to my house and let my camera charge for a little bit. We were planning on going on a hot hair balloon ride, night ride:) The Orange County Great Park Balloon. Blythe and Jordan have ridden it before, and I've always wanted to go on, so we all thought it would be a great idea. Especially since its FREE. Although sadly we found out that it was too windy to ride. So we decided to go bowling, since Jordan had a free game, but when we got there we found out it wasn't as great as a free THENNN we decided to go to Starbucks and back to Frankies and play some games. We played Cranium, which was fun, and we also played Guestures, which is always fun. Especially with 2 people on a team. You get to go more often, and also the person will definately hear you when you shout out the answer ;)

uh-oh. cranium

That was pretty much the end of our day. It was all so much fun, everything we did, everywhere we went. It was nice for all four of us to hang out, its been a while since we've done that. It was an amazing day.
Lets do it more often guys:)