Thursday, January 29, 2009

an unfortunate mishap.

So today I was at school, and it was a wonderful lovely day.
let me walk you through it..

I have my sociology class at 8:00am which I actually love by the way. EXCEPT FOR the fact that my professor is alwayyys late. I can go on a whole other rant about that but, I will refrain. After sociology I wait for my boyfriend and zach to come, and we then continue the day with going to Denny's for some breakfast. It was delicious. Pancakes, hashbrowns (with ketchup), sausage, bacon, and toast with strawberry jelly. :] I get back to school and go to my math class at 12:30. I get out an hour early. My friend Bret and I were walking out of class when BAM!! something comes and smacks me in the face. I think its a leaf or something so I immediately try to shoo it away, until my face starts to feel like its on fire. I then start to get kind of scared, espeically when I try to get this thing off, and is SUCTIONED to my face and is hurting me really bad. My phone is in my right hand and with that same hand I am trying to get this thing off of my face. I go to remove my hand from my face so I can drop my phone when I see a BUMBLE BEE on my hand. That is when I really freak out.
If you dont know me, I DO. NOT. LIKE. INSECTS. I don't like any of those creepy crawly things, specifically ones that can sting you.
So I drop my phone, even faster than I planned, and along with dropping my phone I drop my books on the ground. My face is burning. That is when I realize: I just got stung by a bee on my face. I sort of want to cry but, I don't. I look to my friend and ask if the stinger is still in. It is. So he gets it out because not only do I not have a mirror to get it out myself, im scared to touch my face. So he gets it out and we walk to the health care place. The nice nurse lady gives me a bag of ice with a paper towel sort of thing wrapped around it. SO, I then walk to a table and sit down while holding a bag of ice to my face.

It was such a weird experience. Ive gotten stung by a bee before, but it was in 4th grade, and on the palm of my hand. My face was seriously on fire, and stinging so bad. Yes, I know thats probably what usually happens when you get stung by something, but hey, don't judge me.
Honeslty, who the heck gets stung by a bee on their face?!? Seriously.I
got a picture, but you cant really tell that much, unless you look veryyyyyy closely.So therefore, I will not post it.

I knew I hated bees.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

winner winner chicken dinner.

All my life I grew up eating dinner with my family at the dinner table. Of course with the exception of random nights of mom not making dinner and us kids fending for ourselves. Lately I have just absolutely loved dinner time. Not only because I love food so much, and because im always excited to eat my mothers delicous meals, but because of the conversation we have. My family I tell you is just unbeliveable. I swear, I thought that our everyday conversation was bad, but then I sit at the dinner table at the end of the night. (mind you I have two teenage brothers). Everybody just tells stories about their day:Me and my ridiculous stories from work, or school. My brothers and their talk about their day, and constant complaints about the neighborhood children. Steve and his day at work. Abbie and soccer. My mom and Aidan. Any stories, about anything.
We usually talk about my brothers' famous "what if" questions, which usually last foreverr. The list goes on and on. They are always the most insane questions.

Example: "mom, what if God told you Aidan was going to be a murderer when he grew up, would you kill him?"

"what if God told you to kill aidan would you? you have to obey God right?"
"hey dad if you saw the guys across the street beating up danielle would you go get your gun and shoot them?"

and those aren't just at dinner, they are everyday.

Of course, whats dinner time without a little arguing right? An argument usually always breaks out, even if it lasts 10 seconds. It could be about anything, the smallest slightest thing. About something that just happened, like someone not passing the milk fast enough, or somebody making a certain noise. Or something that had happened earlier that day. But we all usually bounce back.
Of course, like I said before, with two teenage brothers, boys body parts are aaalwayys talked about. Throughout the entire dinner actually. Like i said, my family is unbelievable.

Its just totally cool to sit down with your family and just talk. We all at times end up in the living room and talk, and of course you can sit down whenever you want and have a talk with your family, but, dinner time is different. And I have grown to love it. Its a time where you spend some quality time with your family, talk about your day, talk about whats going on in your life. I love my family so much, they're totally awesome, and I definately plan on having quality dinner time when I have a family of my own. :)

oh, im not done yet.

Then comes the clean up part. We all have our seperate jobs:
Myself-dishes, clean countertop
Stephen-clear table, put food away, sweep the floor
Ryan-clear table, put food away, wipe down the table
Abbie-pretend she's still eating so she doesnt have to help with anything.

The clean up usually goes either two ways:
  1. We all love each other and get along
  2. We all fight about everything and want to murder each other

If its the first choice, one of my favorites is us all (myself, stephen, and ryan) singing a song in ridiculous sounding voices. Taking turns singing each line. The best is when its an outrageous song, one that we all ask ourselves, "why the heck do we know the words to this??" Like the disney channel orignal series, Kim Possible. That was a few nights ago, as im washing dishes, stephen is sweeping, and ryan is clearing the table, we sang, "call me beep me if you want to reach me if you want to page me its ok. where eever you need me baby call me beep me if you want to reach me." Yeah, its a great site. Or we will just make fun of someone, or something, and all laugh about it. Very Godly, I know..

If its the second choice, you wouldnt want to be in the kitchen with us. Ryan is usually not doing his job, or just taking his sweet precious time, so I get mad at him, becuase I have to wait for the dishes which he is supposed to bring to me, which means I am stuck in the kitchen by myslef, which I usually am anyways. Which is sometimes nice because thats actually where I do a lot of my thinking, but ANYWAYS...So since I get mad at him he gets mad at me. We yell and bicker at each other and then make comments. Stephen, he either 1)gets mad at ryan also. or 2)tries to calm the peace between the both of us. That makes ryan even more mad, and it all just ends in one big fiasco.

I love it.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

two thousand nine.

Just a couple things im looking forward to in the year of '09:
  1. Getting my license (no, i still don't have it, just give me a couple more weeks)
  2. LOST
  3. Turning 18
  4. Getting done with my first year of college
  5. Summer
  6. Illinois
  7. Year number 1 :)
  8. A New Year