Wednesday, December 30, 2009

holiday season...a little late.

Better late than never right? I was so busy over the holidays, I haven't blogged in so long. So here's a little update on whats been happening, in mostly pictures:

College Group Christmas Dinner

I won this sweet fanny pack,
along with an awesome polaroid camera :)

Family [Reunion] Christmas Party

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

We got these reindeer antlers at Target for $1!

Frankie's photoshoot

Christmas with the Nilons<3

I ended up getting a total of 8 burts bees chapsticks :)

I didn't get him these, he just looks pretty dang sexy in them ;)

Christmas Day

Well, there's a little recap of my life lately, as far as the Holidays go. I'm hoping to blog a lot more. I already have tons of ideas I want to blog about..

Also, my 8th sibling was born on December 28th. Her name is Lexie Isabella.