Thursday, February 18, 2010

there's a first for everything.

Today, I got to experience the first time of locking my keys in my car. It was just dandy.
Frankie and I were having lunch at Subway right across from his school. After we had a delicious sandwich, we walked back out to the car as I was searching for my keys in my purse. They weren't in the usual side pocket I normally place them, so I checked the other side. Nothing. Inside? Nope...I frantically looked inside the car, and sure enough, my keys were right there, inside the ignition:

When I parked the car, we were still talking so I just turned the engine off and left the keys in the ignition. Why I didn't just take them out and hold on to them like i normally do, I have no idea.
The worst part about this all is, Frankie has a spare key to my car on his key ring.....which he had left in my glove compartment. Luckily though, he has AAA. :) So we called them up and thankfully it only took them about 10-15 minutes to come!
Within 2 minutes, my car was opened up, and I was a happy camper :)

The experience was quite fun to be honest. I think only because 1) I had Frankie there with me. 2) The wait wasn't horrendous. (which just leads back to reason 1 because no matter how long the wait, I wasn't alone) and 3) I just thought it was legitimately funny. (maybe because I had nowhere to be?)
Either way, it's definitely an experience I won't be forgetting..

To Save A Life.

Please go and watch this. It's an amazing movie.

Sunday, February 14, 2010



Thursday, February 4, 2010

a deep deep passion.

It's totally awesome when a Deaf person tells you that your signing is very good.
Such a huge compliment for me.