Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the month of march.

This past month has been very exciting for me. Tons of things have happened and there has been so many fun events.
Let me just start off by saying I never posted a blog from my birthday party, or my birthday, which I've been meaning to do for a week and a half, so its all going to be in here. Needless to say this is probably going to be the longest blog I have ever written.

So here we go.

March 2nd
I got my license

Sadly I have no pictures from this event, I just have the excitement of FINALLY having my license. You can read more about that right, here.
March 21st
80's themed birthday party.
For my 18th Birthday I had an 80’s party. 80’s is pretty much my all time favorite. I was so excited to get dressed up, and to see everyone else’s outfits.

Me and the boyfriend
Me and Kaylee. A friend I hadn't seen in years.

Mom dressed up too.

The 2 best dressed.


This is a little somethin, a little, entertainment. Frankie dancing to Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Sorry the video is sideways...

If you want to compare his moves to the actual dancer, click here to watch the music video..

More photos..

"Stephen at a party"
I really like this one.

All in all the night was really fun. I love dressing up for parties. My cousin and good friend Kaylee stayed the night that night. We stayed up till 4am. And if you don’t know, I either have school or work every single day, and even when I don’t, I don’t go to bed that late. I'm physically not able to. That’s probably the latest I've stayed up since the beginning of last summer. We all 3 crammed into my full size bed. Wasn’t the most comfortable thing but, we survived. I ended up waking up around 11:30, Then got ready for another fun filled day. :)

p.s. Thanks blythe for some of those great pictures!

March 22nd
A day out with Dad

My dad came down for the weekend and the day before my birthday we hung out. My dad lives in Temecula, so I hardly ever see him. If you haven’t read my blog about my dad, I miss him dearly. I love spending time with him, especially since we never get to see each other. So I was super excited to spend the day with him.
He came to my house around 1:00 or so and him, my mom and Steve gave me THIS:

The ipod Touch

This thing is absolutely amazing, I love it. For a while I was content with not having one. I figured, oh I'll wait a little bit and eventually get one. But after Christmas, my boyfriend and two brothers got one. So they were all cooonstantly on it. Then not long later, Steve, my step dad, got one. That’s when I really wanted one. So I got that for my birthday. 32G. Just splendid.

Me and my dad headed off to BJ’s, one of my favorite restaurants. I got BBQ chicken pizza, which was delicious. We talked about everything. Caught each other up on our lives. My school, his work, my work, the kids, my boyfriend, everything. It was really nice. I loved it. We ended lunch by getting a magnificent chocolate chip pazookie. Oh so scrumptious.
After lunch we made our way to the spectrum. We walked around for a bit, checked out some stores, then made our way to the movie theater. We had about 30 35 minutes to kill, so we decided to play some of the video games they had there. We played 2 rounds of elvis pinball, which was quite entertaining. After we ran out of tokens he thought it would be fun to just explore the theater. That’s what I love about my dad. He does fun random things like that.

*side note. One time we were leaving Costco and he saw the store The Great Indoors. He had never seen it before and asked what it was all about. I said I had no idea so he said, “well lets go check it out thennn! Sounds like fun, the GREAT indoors what can be so special about it.” We just walked around the store, playing with anything we could..

Anyways, we walked around, checked everything out, when he wondered what was upstairs. We walked over to the bottom and he started walking up. When he was about 4 steps up I read the sign I spotted aloud: Employees only past this point. And that’s when he turned right back around and we both started laughing.
Time for the movie. We ended up watching Last House on the Left. It wasn’t the greatest movie, but it wasn’t horrible. Although, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend seeing it, at least not paying $11.50 to see it.
After the movie we wanted to make a quick pit stop at Joanne’s, but it closes at 7 on Sunday, and it was 7:23…23 minutes late. Dang.

I had an absolute great time with my dad. We decided that we should start getting together at least once a month or something and hang out and do stuff like that more often. I really hope we both follow through with that…

March 23rd

My 18th Birthday!

Eighteen at last. I was so excited for my birthday, I really don’t know why either. I mean every year I get excited for my birthday, but this year I was just stoaked. It could have just been the fact that I was turning 18, I was going to be an adult. I think it was .
My boyfriend Frankie came over in the morning, and brought his present, including a ginormous card he made.

I thought it was absolutely adorable. And so creative. If you cant tell, some of the words in the letter he replaced with candy. It reads this:

“I remember when I first Looked at you. You were one Hot Tamale and I was just a Nerd who wanted to be your Big Hunk. Ever since we fell in love I knew I would travel the Milky Way just to be with you. With me, your Sugar Daddy, making 100 Grand on Payday, I will provide for you any Thingamajig you want. You will Now and Later be my Baby. Because you are so special to your hunk. Our love will never Sour when team grapefish is around. So give me lots of kisses and believe that I love you so much. I hope you love this Thingamajig I made you, it should taste wonderful. P.s. I know you love Twix PB

So cute. Well me and him went out to breakfast at IHOP, and I was so excited. I love going out to breakfast, especially at IHOP. I was actually a little disappointed in their hashbrowns, especially since those are my FAVORITE part of breakfast, but other than that it was delicious.

After breakfast we met up with my family at the spectrum and walked around for a little bit.

After the spectrum we came back to my house for about 30 minutes. We finished watching Lost from the week before, then made our way to IN-N-OUT, with Disneyland to follow..

Oh the hats Disneyland has..

All 4 of us


Happy Birthday to Me.

My birthday was absolutely amazing. I loved every single minute of it.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention. I don’t know how I forgot! I got Coldplay tickets!!! Me and Frankie are going to see them over summer, theyre in town. I am so excited for the number one reason, I LOVE Coldplay. They are one of my favorites. And number two, I've never been to a legitmate concert. :) I'm excited.

March 27th


I work at the lovely Stater Bros. as a courtesy clerk, also known as “box-boy” or “bagger”. When I applied for the job I thought it was going to be horrible, turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I actually love my job. I started July 28th 2008, and after 2 months of being there my boss already wanted to promote me. But only being 17, he couldn’t. He had to wait until I turned 18. Throughout the months all he could talk about was promoting me, which got me super excited. Well, last Friday, after 8 months of working at Stater Bros…my boss promoted me. Although, it’s a bitter-sweet type of deal. I am excited, I got promoted. Sweet. I get paid more, awesome. BUT, he promoted me to Service Deli. And everybody at my work knows that I said, if I get promoted, Service Deli is the one place I do NOT want to go…of course I get promoted there.
My boss told me it's not a permanent position, its just a stepping stone. He says that he honestly really thinks that one day I'll be a checker, which is awesome. I went back and forth debating on whether I should move up to service deli, I decided I will, and just see how things go.
Another negative about this is that I wont have my regular 6-3 shift. Which is the best shift to have. Service Deli is completely different, and I am NOT looking forward to getting my new schdual.
I guess we’ll see how everything pans out on Monday…

March 27th-28th


My good friend Aubree Worrell put together a girls conference called Redeemed. She has been planning it for months and it finally happened this past weekend. It was just astonishing. I am so proud of her and everything she did. She is an amazing girl of God. God did wonderful things in girls lives during this conference, including mine..God is so good.

Like I said, this past month has been wonderful.