Thursday, October 30, 2008

driving experience number 1

So last night i had my first behind the wheel. Let me tell you I was extremely nervous before I went. Just the thought of driving with some ranom guy for 2 hours, just doesnt interest me. That and the fact that I am a horrible driver. Well the time came and i of course was just, a mess basically. I really wasnt looking forward to it.
My instructors name was Lou. He wasnt the smallest guy. He wore glasses and had a hat on. He was one of those guys that thought he was funny, and tried really hard, but it worked out because he made me laugh. He was really chill and just laid back. 5 minutes into this and i was totally fine. I realized i had nothing to worry about and i didnt know why i was stressing so much. About a half hour into it Lou decided to turn on the radio:oldies. PERFECT. Oldies are great, who can go wrong with K Earth 101 (Los Angeleeeees) He totally started singing, and trying some dance moves, funniest thing.
Im not going to take you on my whole tour of my driving experience but, it was very good. AND i learned that i drive much better in a smaller car, and i like it a lot better. Im actually looking forward to my next one.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

something new.

So today in my anthropolgy class, for the first time ever I sat in the front of the class. I never do that. Suprisingly, I liked it, and I think im going to sit there from now on.

I also talked to a lady in my class today who took sign classes many years ago. She said she could have done interpretting. For those of you who know my passion for sign language, you should know I was pretty stoaked to talk to someone who knows and loves sign as much as i do..
Pretty much made my day.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Have a nice day.

That is approximately the number of times I said "have a great day" today. I might have said it a couple more times because I lost track a couple times becuase we were just slammed all day. And it would have been a few more times as well because I had to do go backs for about 20 minutes, which I normally don't do.
Also today we ran out of plastic bags for about 2 hours.
Absolutely Ridiculous.
Today was just a crazy day at work.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday?

Oh what a story I have. I actually don't know why im telling you this, becuase I felt like such an idiot afterwards, but, hey thats what i do.

So im at work today (I work at Stater Bros. for those of you that did not know) and im bagging groceries and talking to Shannon (my favorite cashier).
Since my dads birthday is on Saturday i go into La La Land or as I like to call it, Danielles World, and just dont even pay attention to anything, just completely out of it. Im still bagging and thinking of what im going to get my dad for his birthday and what im going to do and all that good stuff. Remember, im thinking birthday. So I see the costumer start to leave, put the last bag of groceries into her cart, and say....

"Happy Birthday"
Yup. I said it. I said happy birthday to some random person i didnt even know, and it wasnt even her birthday. Not, "Have a nice day." or "Have a good one." Happy freakin Birthday.
just ridiculous.
Since were on the topic of work, lets discuss my worst pet peeves ath this place yeah?
  • Customers tell me they want paper bags, AFTER i bag them in plastic.
  • Customers give me their own bags to put their groceries in, AFTER i bag them.
  • Customers leave their kids in the main part of the carts, and refrain from moving them. Oh and of course they all have the largest load.
  • When customers are getting a cart, but take their sweet, precious time, and just stand in front of all of them, while im sitting there with a line of carts, waiting for them.
  • When customers for some reason think they are right about a price being lower than it says it is on the screen, when they're really not.
  • Mothers come throught the line with just a stoller and no cart, and insist on putting all their groceries in that little dinky thing. It holds up the line.
  • Old people just watching you put their groceries in the bag, probably just making sure your putting the right things along with each other. You know they're judging you.
  • Customers have the cashier ring up a crap load of things, and then once the cost is said, decide not to get half of it, or just say leave all of it. Yeah, that means i have to put it all back.
  • People put things away where they don't belong. [although i must admit i have done it before]
  • I'm outside, gathering carts, people see me, but insist on just leaving their cart in the middle of the parking lot. Especially when the place where your SUPPOSED to put them, is 2 parking spots away from them.
  • When people try and jam the big carts in the small ones.
  • When people try and jam the small carts in the big ones.
  • Customers ask me questions when im on my break. Its just like, really?
  • Cleaning the freezers.

im pretty sure theres a lot more, i just cant think of them at the moment. But when they come to me, ill let you know....

(Oh yeah, i just wanted to let everyone know that my boyfriend Frankie Nilon is the sweetest guy ever. I mean, gosh!)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My cousins birthday weekend.

Yesterday was my cousins birthday. I went down there (garden grove) and stayed with her for the weekend. Friday after work i went shopping for her present (because im a last minute person). Pretty much as soon as i got to her house we started putting little party bags together for her friends. Midnight rolled around and i was the first to wish her a happy birthday. She then opened her present and loved it, and i loved that. We went to bed around 12:30 1:00 and atomatically for some reason both of us wake up at 7am. We then started getting ready until her mom made the best breakfast ive ever had. I seriously felt like i was at a restaurant.

On the breakfast menu was:
  • French Toast
  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Hash Browns
  • Oatmeal
  • Toast
  • Milk
  • Orange Juice

It was delicious.

After breakfast we continued to get ready and then went and got our nails done, went to Starbucks, and then shopped at Target. I made it out of there with only one sweater. For those of you that know me really well know that i cant go to target alone or else i will probably want to buy every little cute thing i see..We went back to her house and got ready for dinner and the rest of the night. Everyone was meeting at Olive Garden at 4:00, but since they dont take reservations we had to be there at 3. Therefore me and Danielle (yeah, we have the same name) didnt have time to finish fully getting ready. We both wanted to curl our hair and for me that kinda takes a while. Her mom suggested that since we will be at the restaurant for an hour we should just finish there in the bathroom. We thought for a second and then agreed. I start curling my hair until we have to leave, we get to the restaurant, go to the outlets to plug our curling irons in. So of course we freak. There was a hotel right next door so we figured their bathrooms would have outlets. Nope. So we ask someone that workes there if there was anything we could do, he thinks for a second, and then comes around and says "Well I dont know how uncomfortable it will be for you but we have outlets right out here. So, given our only option, we curl our hair in the main lobby of a hotel. Yeah, it was great.

4:00 rolls around and everyone starts showing up. We went to the one in Yorba Linda, the two story one, and i have aaallwayyyys wanted to go to that one. Just because its two stories. Anyways, it was great, because we got to sit upstairs. :] We had about 25 30 people in this room, and about 10 minutes after bein seated they seat another family down in the same room, over in the corner. They did wonderful and put up with us just fine, but after they left they seated another family of 4 or 5 there. Me and Danielle went to the bathroom and on our way back up one of our waitresses was coming out and said to the manager that the family wanted to be moved because they felt uncomfortable. HA they couldnt hack it. But dinner was very good.

After dinner we all drove over to Huntington Beach and had a bonfire, which i was just stoaked about. While we were there I engaged in something I've never tride before: building a human pyramid. We totally failed on the first try. The second try (which is the picture to the left) worked out, but only for a split second. Luckyily we got a picture but immediately after that we collapsed. I must say it was a pretty fun experience.
We left the beach around 10:30, went back to my cousins house and went to bed around 2. Woke up this morning and went to church. I left with my family and we went out to lunch and Inka Grill, where i have never been before. And thats basically my weekend with my cousin. It was fantastic<3