Sunday, July 31, 2011

3 more weeks..

Time has flown like crazy. it seems like just a few months ago frankie got down on one knee on my front door step, and asked me to marry him. well, over 11 months has passed, and we’re almost to the big day. !!!

we have been extremely blessed during this engagement. so many things have happened that have just been, amazing. plain and simple.

for one, our venue. we’re getting married at black gold golf club in yorba linda. it is absolutely beautiful, and everything i’ve dreamed of. outside ceremony, inside reception. ahh i just cant wait. it's all so perfect.

frankies grandmother sadly moved out to bakersfield with her son. well, being an older lady and all, and moving into someone elses house, she didn’t need the things in hers anymore. so, we pretty much got everything she had. coffee table, end tables, dining room table, a beautiful hutch, and many other appliances for kitchen and etc..

huge blessing.

my grandparents were able to give us a very decent amount of money, just because they wanted to help out.

huge blessing.

my mom and other close friends and family threw me an amazingly beautiful bridal shower. everything was perfect.

we just recently (as in THIS WEEKEND recently) moved everything into our new apartment :) the great story about this, is that it is the one we wanted the most out of all the apartments we looked at. everything was perfect, we absolutely LOVED it..but there was nothing available. yes there were 1 or 2 other apartments available we could have taken elsewhere, but we decided we were going to hold out, and wait until august 1st to see if something would be available at the end of the month (which would have been a hassle). well, less than a week later, i get a call saying that someone cancelled, and there is an apartment available for us. praise the Lord. i was almost crying i was so happy. God is good.

in our apartment, we have a separate room for a washer and dryer. well, we don’t have one. we weren’t stressing too much about it, we figured if anything i could just go to my parents house to do laundry until we have enough saved up to buy our own. well, my grandma calls me one day, and says that they are all of a sudden looking into buying a new washer and dryer, and offered us theirs. praise.the.Lord. these things are only a few years old, the style i've always wanted, great brand, and, even if they were older or, something i didn't "necessarily want..we would still have our own washer and dryer.

everything is falling into place. there's 3 more weeks until the wedding, we have some minor (but major at the same time) things to do. but it will eventually get done.

I was actually just thinking today, when i first got engaged i would think "dang, i'm getting married in a year...6 months...4 months..." and today hit me, "holy crap. i'm getting MARRIED in 3. weeks..married..THREE WEEKS!!"

both of our bachelor and bachelorette parties are next weekend, our final meeting at our venue is the following week, the week after that is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and 3 days after that....well, we'll be gettin hitched.

God has been so good to us, and i truely can't wait to see what else He has in store.

i can't wait for it all<3