Thursday, July 30, 2009

concerts schmoncerts.

I find concerts very amusing. Though I have only been to two, I have found, funny things about the whole shindig. 

For those 3 of you out there that read my blog, you know I went to see Coldplay last week. Last night I went and saw The Fray, with my boyfriend and my parents. Total last minute random thing. Anyways, last night is when I discovered most of these wonderful findings about concerts.

For one, you aallwayys have those drunk people around you. Or, that drunk lady standing behind you the whole show yelling, and almost crying, while her husband is sitting on the ground shaking his head. Really, it was the funniest thing ever. Her voice was just, trashed and she's screaming, "THE FRAY" the whole time. And while they would talk to the audience, she would scream, "JUST SING ALREADY! Ohhhhhh I cant take this!!" And of course she makes friends with the other drunks next to her..We couldn't help but laugh. 

It's always fun when you "make friends" with the people you're sitting around. Totally cool.

Yes, sometimes you will get immature boys pointing a laser at everyone during the whole entire show. But in the end you get them to take a picture of your group "since they were doing that all night"

Of course, the lovely smell of marijuana allll night. ha. I only got it once last night but at Coldplay it was pretty much all night...I will admit though I'd rather smell that than cigarette smoke.

The hours of waiting and sitting in the parking lot to leave, only to find out you could have made it out much faster if you just went to the other side.

People, or girls, dancing, to music that isn't even really, "danceable" to. Just hilarious to watch.

Needless to say I mostly encountered this last night at the Fray, and all of this really basically is about last night's adventure. After we finally got out of there(12:20), we went to 7eleven and got slurpees and candy bars. The Fray did a really good job, I will admit they were awesome. I just had an awesome time with the people I was with, rather than being worried about watching the show..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

last weekends extravaganza.

This last weekend was a very fun weekend. On Saturday, me and Frankie drove up to Temecula for my little brothers birthday party. He turned 5. The theme of the party was Spongebob Squarepants, and I was unaware of this. Not only did I buy him a Spongebob game for his DS, but I came dressed looking like I was trying to match the party. I had a bright yellow shirt on, and someone even asked if I wore it on purpose. I really had no idea..

We are sort of party animals

Birthday Boy

There was a jumper and all, and here are a couple pictures of some fun we had..

looks like a legitimate floating jeanie.

the running maannn

good old pure fun.

Sunday night, was an amazing night. Me and Frankie and saw Coldplay. He, has seen them twice before, and me on the other hand, had never seen them, nor any other band in concert for that matter. So yes, I was a little bit excited.

One of the best parts of the show is when Coldplay came out in the audience and played a couple of songs. One of the reasons being:


You could see, the sweat coming off of their faces. Yes, a little disgusting, but amazing that they were that close.

It was one of the coolest, most awesome things I have ever experienced in my entire life. Seeing one of my favorite bands play, 5 feet in front of me...amazing.

The whole entire weekend was a blast. I had a great time; with my boyfriend, and family in between. I love you guys.

Friday, July 10, 2009

summer lovin'

So, it's been quite some time since i've last posted. I want to say i've been busy, but I kind of havent? But I have. A little update:

-summer speech class is officially over: stoaked about that.
-My summer literally right now is working, and going to the beach. which, other than work, is amazing.
-I dyed my hair. Darker brown, with red and purple throughout. (I know, the red and purple sound tacky, but I promise its not like that)
-I'm debating on looking for a new job. Possibly a bank?(thanks Camyron)
by the way I think I have mentioned a new job before? oh well.
-I have been on two bike rides this summer so far...keep 'em comin!
-I just got a really pretty new ring, which my wonderful boyfriend got me..and I love it.(shout out to Blythiepants for giving him the idea.)
-My Disneyland pass expires August 25, i'm renewing it online so i get $20 dollars off. ALSO, I can get the "special" design on my pass, not the standard..sweeeet. I'm also doing monthly payments, instead of all $249 up front. Just a lot easier for me..
-I tried sushi for the first time tonight...wasn't bad, not gunna lie.
-still looking for a car. I've called a lot of people but they don't call back:/ Lookin' in the $5,000 range, or lower, if anyone knows of anything, that would be great:)

In other news, I am just extremely excited for the rest of summer. Reasons being:
-July 18th:Little brothers 5th birthday party, driving up to dads house for that. Don't really see them often so, it should be a lot of fun.
-July 19th:Coldplay concert. STOAKED.
-July 25th:Sisters 10th birthday.
-July 31-Bammers 21st birthday party!
-August 1st-8th:Vacation to Mammoth! WOO!
-August 9th-14th:Helping out at high school summer camp. Really excited for that.
-Auguest 21st:A one year celebratoin<3..should be amazing.
-More beach:)

Tune in next time.