Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014, in pictures

Wow! This has truly been an amazing year. 

a weekend doing nothing but relaxing in 
a cabin in Lake Arrowhead


winter camp

surprise birthday party for Frankie

hot air balloon ride!!!

Grand Canyon

i chopped my hair

Gehrig Wedding!

Legoland for Aidans 6th birthday.
he had so much fun<3 p="">

I caught up to 'real life' with my scrapbooks!

we started playing handball after youth group.
it would get pretty intense sometimes, and this is
a bruise i would get often from playing.


Dinsmore Wedding!
(and my hair got even shorter)

palm springs

our nieces first dance recital

brothers high school graduation!

1st dodger game of the season

4th of July


i tried corn from the fair for the first time,
and fell in love.

Cutz Wedding!

nephew turned 1!


celebrated 3 years of marriage<3 p="">


niece turned 3!



 Vanderhook Wedding!

 oh yeah and that's where i met Justin Turner
from the Dodgers...! ;)

 Again, such a great, fun year. One of the best. So excited for what's to come in 2015!
Happy New Year, everyone!