Saturday, September 14, 2013

i get by with a little help from my friends.

I have, the best friends, ever. (I know, everyone says that, right?) I love each and every one of them dearly.
I've mentioned before my closest girlfriends, who I talk to every single day. Well all of our husbands are friends too (I know, its just perfect). We all got together last night (minus Jessica and Jake [who just had their beautiful baby boy 3 weeks ago today!]. They were enjoying a day at Disneyland together ;P) Plus 3 other of our couple friends! We all got together for a game night, with some coffee and dessert, of course. It was so much fun, and seriously long overdue for all of us to get together. We all have the best time when we hang out, and are constantly laughing.
We had a ton of board games out, yet we didn't play any of those. We played Mafia, and Psychiatrist. If you haven't heard of either of those, you need to get a group of people, and play. Mafia can get intense, and thinking about it so can Psychiatrist, it's so much fun!!
Around 11 or so everyone started dwindling out and heading home. The couples that were left were myself and Frankie, Kayla and Nathaniel, and Marissa and Cory (we were at their house). For awhile we ended up separating, girls and guys (which is pretty standard and usually always ends up happening) and had some girl time/guy time. That is always the best. I love girl talk.. Around midnight or so, we decided we wanted In-n-Out. So, us girls went out and picked it up for all of us. When we got back all 6 of us sat around and told stories and laughed for the next hour and a half. These times are always the best, it doesn't happen all too often, so when it does, I cherish it.
We finally left around 2am or so, and I got into bed at 3, only to have to wake up to my alarm for work at 5am. It was all so worth it.
I feel like a grandma because I am usually in bed between 9 and 10. I'm always tired, because I always have work.
I haven't stayed out that late in, I want to say years. I haven't hung out with friends until the wee hours of the morning in so long!! I loved every minute of it, and I miss those times!
Again, my friends are so dear to me, especially my girls. I would pretty much do anything for them, they're always there for me. Whether I need to talk about something, just need to vent, or if I just need help picking a nail polish color. Its so nice for all us couples to get together like we did last night, and I wish we would do it more often!
At least Fakesgiving is coming up!!